The Faster Forward Business Success Program


having a select group of experienced business advisors on your business building team.



The Faster Forward Business Success Program is a program focused on enabling businesses to “scale up” to a greater level of success by working with seasoned business experts from a great variety of fields.                              

Program Objectives:
1. To increase the retention/survival rate of participating businesses. 
2. To retain existing jobs and create new ones. 
3. To strengthen working relationships with community partners in order to expand and improve services to small business.   

Who Can Benefit: The program is ideally suited for Northumberland businesses in retail, service, hospitality and small manufacturing.

How It Works: Interested businesses can apply to join the program for a flat fee of $149.00 +HST.  Once admitted, a business will be assigned a Program Coordinator and then, based on the business' needs, appropriate subject matter expert coaches and other program resources will be assigned to assist the business.  Subject matter coaches are available in a variety of disciplines including retailing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, internet marketing, accounting, finance, and organizational management.

How Have We Helped? Here's 5 Examples:

Alex Foster“Even though I had been an entrepreneur for over five years, the Faster Forward Program was instrumental in getting my construction business off the ground. From the staff, and the curriculum they put forward, the entire process was geared towards watching my fledgling enterprise take flight, and ultimately turn into a successful full time career. I would highly recommend the program to anyone thinking about taking the next big step in launching their ideas and following their dreams.”     
Alex Foster, Glengarry Landscape Innovations

Holmes“When the business was entering its third year, I found that I wasn’t confident about pricing services sufficiently to cover costs. I spoke with Rob Day, at BACN, and he recommended the Faster Forward Program. The first meeting was fabulous! My mentors not only gave me confidence I was doing things well, but great advice regarding funding sources, employees and accounting. We are now celebrating five years and Faster Forward is one of the reasons!” 
Schelle Holmes, The Holmestead Print & Business Services

Scott“I am so impressed by the level of support I have received so far as part of this program. Staff members have helped me with my business plan and the mentorship has been invaluable. I do not feel that I would have been able to start my business without the support of this wonderful program, and I would highly recommend it to other young people starting their own business.” 
Danielle Scott, Scott Home Care Services

Buckle“The members of my advisory board clearly believe in me and my business, Canada Patriot.  They are extremely valuable to me as I grow and work towards achieving success and I have come to depend on their expertise and teamwork. My company has seen tremendous productivity already in only a few months of implementing their advice.  I would recommend that any small start-up business would benefit from having the support of an advisory board.”  
Mike Buckle, Canada Patriot

Cowin“For years I have looked for a mentor to help guide my business. I found them at our own Business Advisory Centre.  To be able to have your business constructively scrutinized, and to be able to run ideas by professionals, gives me confidence that we are moving toward a stronger business.” 

Bob Cowin, Lakeshore Hydrant Services Inc.


Join Today! If you're interested in finding out more about how the Faster Forward Business Success Program can help your business, contact us today.

Community Based: Our coaching resources come from volunteers within our community and make up a vital foundation for the program.  This “grass roots” involvement makes the program sustainable and ensures a diverse mix of talent and experience to help ensure that the program meets the needs of participants. 

Be sure to read bios about our participating coaches in the 'Meet Our Volunteers' section of our website.

Based on their experience and knowledge, coaches will provide feedback to the clients, provide suggestions, generate ideas, empower the client to make decisions, etc.  If you are interested, please request a Coaching Application Form from the Business Advisory Centre.